Destination Guaranteed

For this project I had to design a book cover based on our partner's story. The story I got was about Anh who visited a small arcade and saw 1 credit left in an unattended Street Fighter machine. Since no one was there for 20 minutes, he decided to use that credit, however a guy turned up, irritated by the fact that his credit was taken, he said nothing but beat up Anh on Street Fighter.

What I found interesting about this story was that there was no physical violence, it was all in the realm of video game, all the feelings and emotions aren't seen as such, and there was no conversation. So I decided to laser cut an arcade joystick into acrylic to make a book sleeve. The story (book) takes part within the game, hence the book sits inside the joystick sleeve. I also put in a grey arcade button, I'm really interested in human interaction.


Sketchbook/working processes

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