J.F.Kennedy Assassination Publication

We had to create an 8 page publication based on research of a topic from a list we were given... I chose the assassination of JFK.. 8 pages isn't that many, found that I couldn't fit many things in haha. Anyway.. I think my final idea was all images in black and white minus the front cover title, and the red line which runs through the whole publication yeah~ I found it so easy to make in InDesign.. I thought it'd be a mission, but its so so so easy! Grids, Gutters, Guides, Baseline Grids!!!

Front cover and page 8

Page 1 & 2

Page 3 & 4

Page 5 & 6


  1. its really well done :D !!
    Ohhh, InDesign still sounds really unfamiliar to meeee T__T !

  2. omg... looks so pro...like a magazaine feature~!! T___T;;
    I do not get grids and layouts at all... must learn...!!!!! /orz;;

    ohh: my word verification was "lingl" LOL <3

  3. ahahahahah grids and layouts are so easy!! they give you a grid to work with.. its so simple! You can learn it in one day.. and you don't need to be amazing at maths XD

    hahahaha yeah... I created the words.... not..

  4. this looks like something from a published book! i should have done info.. instead of print.....