Sticker vs. Spray

Started collecting random street art stickers for my Typo project. Decided that I was helping the community buy "cleaning" off the stickers hahaha.. and then I ended up using my stupid character to be a Sticker Cleaner! So my Sticker Cleaner went to do his job, even though he is a sticker! I love the irony haha 

And even met [D] and Moon on his journey!!

So here is the really shitty spraying.. first time ever, so please excuse the crap stencil... didn't come out great :(
Better luck next time!! But it was a fun thing to do!


Mickey Mouse

Using that liquid and screenblock again, came out alright I guess, quite like the rough feel to this way of screenprinting, not the usual slick print!


Miyavi Screenprinted!

Simple screenprint using this liquid and screen block, not the usual photosensitive coating used in normal screen printing studios... I also didn't have a bed to hold down the screen, but I'm pretty proud of the outcome, especially this being the first time I used this screen block technique.


Layers of Paper

Just a simple paper cut with several layers


Banksy: Exit Through the Gift Shop

Went to see this premier of Banksy's film. It was free for all UAL students today! It was in his own made cinema in the tunnels underneath Waterloo station, it was quite awesome!!

The film is just jokes. That MBW is just a total joke


Also.. Check these websites out.. I saw some of their works in a random shop in Birmingham, Bullring shopping centre.. it was pretty cool! Some screen prints and hand made stuff.. It really made me want to be able to screen print awesome things and sell them! MAKE MONEY!! >.<


Panda Typeface


We had to create a typeface out of the panda logo!
This is what came out of it....

We had to create an A1 size specimen poster of the typeface we made last week, that includes the typeface, the typeface name and a quote related to the name.