Typo vs. Info :round: 1

First task: Left align each line of text as the default is horrible! XD
Hated this task... I found it so difficult!!! XD
5th Attempt (L) 1st Atempt (R)

Second Task: Fix the kernings (space between each letter)
This was SO much easier XD
1st Attempt (T) 4th Attempt (B)

Third task: Resize the word times two without the use of photocoppier/scanner/computer
Only by eye and hand drawing! Somewhat fun but it kills your brain XD
I started to think lines were wonky, but they really weren't!!



Tweet Tweet


So I ended up making a really really really bad moving image out of it!
.... for someone.. xD 
Its a bit slow when the bird picks up the heart, I guess it should be faster...
But what the hell XD


Japanese Cup Noodle

The original cup noodle...

Real vs. Fake

Haha.. I got bored.. but I made it for a reason ^.~


Doodle Doodle


Really random drawing.. haha what the hell...


Fire Fire Fire


The Naked Run!!

Just for you Joannah.... ^^