Lost in Translation

Part 1:
I studied an artist called Jan Dibbets, this was my typographic response to his work. Whilst researching his work, I find that he likes to create illusions, create curves in horizons vice versa.

Part 2:
Terascope: Tera meaning ground. Scope, to see/view
Usually people use periscopes to see above their normal eye level, however I wanted to use it to view lower than normal eye level. I made this film piece to illustrate this idea, making my own "terascope" and putting it on wheels.


200 - 20 page zine

Working in a group we were asked to produce a A5 zine, minimum 12 pages, based on findings we collected during the summer holidays.
Choosing one of my images of a ladybird pattern on a marble cobble street in Macau, we used a non-perfect circle as the main shape in opposition to the squareness of the cobbles.
Using one original circle from the original picture, we zoomed in 200% for every next page.


Pinhole Photos

The first four photos are just some random photos when I first experimented with the camera...
The rest are a few photos I took whilst on a cruise for a week. Some didn't come out that great. I love using pinhole and getting great outcomes.... but they're rare! :(
Fujifilm Fujicolor C200. 24 exposures... but I think I got about 30 exposures hehe :P

More Pinhole Photography


Design Zoo - moving image

Pasted up my work again in a different way... made a moving image to show as my final piece for this particular project... I collected 54 street stickers off the wall, and re-pasted them on their respective surface I found them on...

Music: What Goes Round Comes Around - Boom Boom Satellites


12" screen print front cover

Okay... So I spent 5 hours in the print studio.. and nothing went according to plan really... I only got one good print, and its not even perfect =[ My scanner isn't big enough to scan the whole image... but this'll show the main part where I was struggling with the registration! 

 I wasn't so happy with the ones I actually wanted to use.. so I think I'm going to be in the print studio yet again! So its in working progress I guess =.=

And this is supposed to be a layer that goes over the top of the image above, so there are two layers... the track list is printed on the back.. so basically its an extra sleeve which sits on top of the original jacket. I quite like the effect when I scanned it cos its behind one another.. XD

SO! Still more work to be done, since I'm not exactly happy with it.. Well.. practice makes perfect right?! ^^


J.F.Kennedy Assassination Publication

We had to create an 8 page publication based on research of a topic from a list we were given... I chose the assassination of JFK.. 8 pages isn't that many, found that I couldn't fit many things in haha. Anyway.. I think my final idea was all images in black and white minus the front cover title, and the red line which runs through the whole publication yeah~ I found it so easy to make in InDesign.. I thought it'd be a mission, but its so so so easy! Grids, Gutters, Guides, Baseline Grids!!!

Front cover and page 8

Page 1 & 2

Page 3 & 4

Page 5 & 6


Hip Hop - Brit Pop Photoshoot

Somewhat VERY embarrassing.. T__________T why did we have to choose Hip Hop - Brit Pop?! T^T our group basically forgot about the Brit Pop side.. so it ended up being very hip hop.. and looking like below.. I feel so ashamed.. I look totally STUPID! T^T
They're only studio shots so far.. We went out in London Bridge to take a few more in Phone booths, pub, tunnel etc. YES I went out in public like that.. how damn embarrassing!! >//////////<



New typo/graphics project!
We've been given two genres of music, Hip Hop and Brit Pop, we have to find a way to mix the two and create a 12" record sleeve! We even need to take a photoshoot.. am I looking forward to that?!

Our mood space.. basically hip hop images (American) to create the Union Jack!!



First time I ever did this, it was rather fun and amusing! Will definitely do it again!
Go checkit... Waterloo Tunnel!!! 

Only just playing around.. and I guess that huge one won't be my only final piece, I'm just getting started!!


Sticker vs. Spray

Started collecting random street art stickers for my Typo project. Decided that I was helping the community buy "cleaning" off the stickers hahaha.. and then I ended up using my stupid character to be a Sticker Cleaner! So my Sticker Cleaner went to do his job, even though he is a sticker! I love the irony haha 

And even met [D] and Moon on his journey!!

So here is the really shitty spraying.. first time ever, so please excuse the crap stencil... didn't come out great :(
Better luck next time!! But it was a fun thing to do!


Mickey Mouse

Using that liquid and screenblock again, came out alright I guess, quite like the rough feel to this way of screenprinting, not the usual slick print!


Miyavi Screenprinted!

Simple screenprint using this liquid and screen block, not the usual photosensitive coating used in normal screen printing studios... I also didn't have a bed to hold down the screen, but I'm pretty proud of the outcome, especially this being the first time I used this screen block technique.


Layers of Paper

Just a simple paper cut with several layers


Banksy: Exit Through the Gift Shop

Went to see this premier of Banksy's film. It was free for all UAL students today! It was in his own made cinema in the tunnels underneath Waterloo station, it was quite awesome!!

The film is just jokes. That MBW is just a total joke


Also.. Check these websites out.. I saw some of their works in a random shop in Birmingham, Bullring shopping centre.. it was pretty cool! Some screen prints and hand made stuff.. It really made me want to be able to screen print awesome things and sell them! MAKE MONEY!! >.<


Panda Typeface


We had to create a typeface out of the panda logo!
This is what came out of it....

We had to create an A1 size specimen poster of the typeface we made last week, that includes the typeface, the typeface name and a quote related to the name.