That is the Question

Shakespeare project... for last year in Foundation course...

Based on 1920's play bills, hand made type face, Hand cut all those faries...

Physically cut the faries half out my poster bill, placed on top of a light box


  1. omggg, i never saw this in foundation, can't believe you cut all the fairies out in 3d, they look awesome!
    I love the grey-ish middle poster so much... ;___; possibly one of my favourite pieces from you!! <3

  2. grey-ish middle?! theyre the same poster.. just different angles LOL I don't like the flat copy....

    if only andy liked it!!!! T_____________T

  3. the alphabet looks good Linggggg !!! :D
    Yeahhh, first time I saw your foundtion pieces :D
    oh wait, I remembered your 'Reg perfect and squeegees' screen-printing one :D