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Borovets, Bulgaria


Someone Else's Shoes [Chapter 3]

This project was based on researching. We randomly selected another student to be our research, we were asked to find out almost everything about this person and create a piece which reflects the particular individual this is my response.
0.1mm and 0.8mm Pilot DR pen

WHAT? - Final Piece, white card, 15 curved blade scalpel, sharp edged scalpel, fairy lights


Knowledge is Power

Working in a group, we had to produce a publication based on the locations: Fish shop, Royal Festival Hall, Allotment, Island and Tower of London


Tilt Shift Photography

Everything looks better minature size XD

Photos taken with Pentax K110 D at Eel Pie Island


That is the Question

Shakespeare project... for last year in Foundation course...

Based on 1920's play bills, hand made type face, Hand cut all those faries...

Physically cut the faries half out my poster bill, placed on top of a light box


Some old photography I did back in Year 12, its been a while I can't even remember the camera brand.. It must have been an Olympus, manual 35mm!


Link to more Black & White photography


Some oldddddddd random prints. I had to create pieces to advertise a band/singer based on a chosen genre. I chose cyberpunk. Quite an interesting topic!


Copy of Allan Aldridge, pro-markers

Willian Robinson copy, HB pencil on brown paper
Willian Robinson copy, 0.5mm Stabilo pointVisco pen on brown paper

 Sign from Eel Pie Island, 0.1mm and 0.8mm Pilot DR pen


Thrown in, in one post! All the old random stuff...

 Dry Point - Takeru from SuG for Hayley

Solar Plate, Oil based inks

Hello Blogspot...

Lino cut, Oil based inks, Reduction
First post.. and I don't really like this lino print either